artists pursuing a nomadic life

An RV. A trailer converted into an art studio.

Two artists living as nomads.

That is our dream.

We are a married couple that expresses our artistic vision through a variety of media. Our work includes poetry, acrylic painting, photography, writing, collage, video, altered objects, spoken word, mixed media.

Wander around the site to see examples of our work, read about our travels, and watch as we take steps to turn our dream into a reality….

Diecast Poetry

Johnna M. Gale is a poet and spoken word artist currently residing in Phoenix, AZ.

Here you will find sample poetry, videos of spoken word performances, and copies of their poetry books.

Mx Art by D'Marie

D’Marie is a writer and artist currently residing in Phoenix, AZ.

Their preferred media include collage, photography, altered objects, and website design, generally preferring to mix media whenever possible to create a cohesive whole. A self-identified androgyne, D’Marie prefers they/them pronouns.

Artistic Vortex

Johnna’s artistic expression encompasses a range of media. Acrylics, photography, and pastels form a large percentage of their work. They also create mosaic, altered books, and mixed media pieces.


Our quest to find an RV and convert a trailer into a portable art studio begins with the lessons we’ve learned on road trips in our car. In our travels, we’ve found scenic byways to photograph (and enjoy) and quiet corners to make art with limited supplies.

Radically Reducing

We are in the process of radically reducing the amount of stuff we have.  Our goal is to de-clutter and shed on our way to a minimalist RV life. No storage unit allowed.

Spiritual Evolution

Johnnie’s Spiritual Evolution

About this video I was recording my regular braindump and during the editing process I realized that the video you see below was separate from the main braindump. So here is a little bit about my spiritual evolution. Spiritual Evolution Throughout my life I've gone...
Braindump 24: broken foot, zines

Braindump 24: Broken Foot and Zines!

New vlog post Recently I went out to my favorite park and recorded a new #braindump. While I wish I could record and post at a more frequent rate, it's also good that I take my time and before spewing a bunch of words I might regret. Creative Challenge I hadn't...

Have Zines Will Travel

April found us in Nebraska at The Omaha Zine Fest, where zinesters of many types, sizes, and colors gathered to sell, share, and trade their personal creations.

I find these gatherings to be energizing and revitalizing. They help lay the seeds for the germination of new ideas.

More and More….Stuff!

The act of sorting in itself can be quite powerful. When you own a lot of stuff, items get overlooked, missed. Closets and cupboards contain can hold more than the memory. We found this to be true in our case so we created several videos highlighting this process. Part of becoming a minimalist is not having so much stuff you forget you have it.

Mini-Braindump Outside Wichita

On our recent road trip to Dallas, I managed to record this mini-braindump. We were at the Belle Plaines Rest Stop outside of Wichita, KS. It was a really nice place to stop and stretch, take in the views and find interesting pieces of traveling art.

On the Road out of Dallas

On the Road: Dallas to Topeka

Recently we traveled to Dallas, Texas for a conference, and a well-needed vacation. It was a great trip, and while I brought along the camera, I didn’t really record anything until we were heading home. For me it was about the experience, being with people I hadn’t seen in quite awhile, and meeting new people.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the art, including photographs, on this site or wish to contact us about holding a show, please use this form.

We are also interested in connecting with any artists, poets, etc., on upcoming travels.

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