Myth of the One

Myth of the One

Poetry has always been a way for me to release pent-up frustrations about life. I have suffered a myriad of pitfalls in love, and in the past I was very good at playing the victim role. It took lots of years of therapy for me to finally understand that I held some responsibility in these relationships falling apart.

They say write what you know. I knew heart ache, rejection. I knew about all the times I had tried to pound the square peg into a round hole. I knew about emotional pain. Lovers coming and going. Having a hard time holding onto just one person. These experiences were documented in the form of poetry.

When I set down to put together my second collection of poems I saw the common thread in my work. It was the late 90’s and everyone was talking about the “One.” That one, singular person who could make me complete, whole, and happy. Of course, this was a lie, but I have tons of poetry that explore the possibility of love, the many ways it tricks you, and sometimes, even, how to avoid it. Ultimately Myth of the One explores how love will find you and breathe life into you, whether in the form of a singular person, or many.



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