Artistic Vortex

Artist’s Statement:

A vortex is defined as something that moves in the form of a spiral or column, like a tornado or when water goes down a drain. Whirls are bodies of water that swirl madly around to an unseeming end.

For me the image of the vortex represents tremendous flowing energy. I am constantly fascinated with the way in which a vortex works. Some say the Big Bang was just a great big vortex explosion. Our galaxies are spirals that are slowly turning and spinning in a vortex-like manner (though not as fast). And these designs show up in my work over and over again.

The Vortex represents the kind of energy that I use when I am in the creation process. I’m like a whirlwind, a storm that moves fast and leaves devastation in its wake. In my case usually some sort of art is born.

New Year, More Zines

Making something out of nothing:

Last September I tabled my first ZineCon in Kansas City, Missouri. I was excited because it took submitting an application and being accepted. I had left the Zine Community in Phoenix when we moved to the heartland and I was a little afraid I wouldn’t find the queers and the outcasts in a place where most of the country’s grain is grown.

Rocking the Mic: Do it for the Hugz

One of my passions is reading/performing poetry, spoken word, the words I write. While delving into the culinary world took me away from the microphone, I’ve finally found my way back.

It’s been a slow re-entry, with an introduction into the modern world of zine life back in 2015, and after having a few pieces published in a Phoenix zine, I decided to step back into Poetry Open Mics.

Poetics in the Park: Braindump #22

I celebrated National Poetry Month in April by recording and sharing “A Poem A Day” on YouTube. For the last few poems, I went out to a lake/park, just for a change of pace. I also decided to make a vlog out in nature.

30 Poems 30 Days: Creating a video poetry series

Recently I took part in National Poetry Month (April). For some poets, the idea behind NPM is to write a new poem a day and publish it on one of the many platforms available. I decided to take a different path. I made a video poem a day from the extensive collection I’ve written over the years and posted these videos on my YouTube channel. That meant creating 30 individual video poem, one for each day of the month.