Artistic Vortex

About Johnna M. Gale:


I’m a gender-queer multimedia artist who has transplanted from the Sonoran Desert for the wetlands of Kansas. For the last several years I’ve been working on a food website – Kitchen Shaman. I am now finally putting my art out into the world. For me the term artist is all-encompassing. I am not limited to one discipline or one medium. I play with all the colors!

I’ve been writing, painting, drawing, shooting pictures, and cooking since I can remember.  Artistic Vortex is an expression of the mediums that I choose to work in. You will find galleries of pastels, images shot on film, digital photography – minimally processed. Photos of the few paintings I have produced as an adult, and video documentation of the continuing artistic process. There might be some food porn. As I find myself in the second half of a century of living, more doors seem to be opening, and I’m finding new ways to express myself. I do enjoy the journey.

I will probably talk about my mom a lot. An amazing fiber artist, and one of the founding members of the Arizona Designer Craftsmen, an organization based in Scottsdale, Arizona, she instilled in me a passion for creating art and a love of all mediums. She listened to my poetry when I was young, and tolerated my guitar playing. She tried to teach me how to draw realistically, I remain an abstract artist incorporating words into my paintings.

It’s taken me a long time to get back on the artist’s path, but here I am. Thanks mom!