creating a life on the road

Dream RV

One of the first things we realized we had in common was a desire to become nomads — specifically to buy an RV and travel around the country, making art (and money) in one way or another. We both had the dream long before the internet was a thing. Before there were smart phones and wifi and streaming entertainment options. Technology has provided the tools for people to “make a living” while on the road, bringing the dream closer and closer to reality.

So what does the dream RV look like? Johnna has an affection for vintage models. Many of the RVs designed in the 60s and 70s have that “futuristic” look to them.  D’Marie wants space, so something with slide-outs and a queen-sized bed.  The argument as to how many screens are necessary is an ongoing one (Johnna wants MANY monitors while D’Marie insists that two are probably enough).

Every year there is an “RV [year]” program that airs on some cable network or other and shows all the newest designs and features in RVs. It was required viewing and at one point Johnna had collected 5 or 6 years on one DVD. There are more RV shows on the air now and in the past 14 years the wish list has evolved and changed.  After all, all those “hot new RVs” from 2002-2005? They are all used now, making them much more affordable.

The dream is closer now. This corner of the site will chronicle the adventure as the wish list is narrowed down, specific options are explored, test drives and test trips occur. Check back for blog posts, photos, even videos as this long-held dream becomes reality.