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On the Road: Dallas to Topeka

On the Road: Dallas to Topeka

Recently we traveled to Dallas, Texas for a conference, and a well-needed vacation. It was a great trip, and while I brought along the camera, I didn’t really record anything until we were heading home. For me it was about the experience, being with people I hadn’t seen in quite awhile, and meeting new people.

Random RV Sightings on LA Trip

Random RV Sightings on LA Trip

Long before we met, both of us held the dream of living on the road -- buying an RV and traveling from place to place.  Now, whenever we're on a road trip, we look at the RVs we pass on the highway or see parked at rest areas and truck stops.  We make note of where...

Follow Us on the Road

Follow Us on the Road

As nomads, we're not bound to one place. In fact, we're heading out on an adventure tomorrow to attend some events in LA and hang out in Costa Mesa/Huntington Beach. Likewise, our web presence isn't limited to just this site. Art is a big broad, subject, and as two...

Trip to Tucson – 2011

Trip to Tucson – 2011

originally published on D'Marie's personal blog on September 22, 2011 Yesterday, J and I went to Tucson for an excursion. The only planned activities were visiting our favorite bookstore, stopping at an art supply store or two and getting lunch at the local vegan...

3,000 Miles To Go

3,000 Miles To Go

We've rebooted this site and the idea of Artistic Nomads. Right now we are on a 3-week road trip. 3,000 miles from Arizona to Kansas and back, with stops in Santa Fe and Denver. We have the privilege of staying with friends and connecting with some great people along...

Photos from the Road

Sedona, AZ – September 2015

Sedona is a favorite day trip for us.  We love the energy and the gorgeous scenery. We’ve learned to avoid buying anything other than food, since most of the souveneirs, artwork, etc., are priced to the deep pockets of rich tourists and summer residents.

We have photos from pretty much every visit, but we limited this gallery to shots taken in September 2015. In addition to images of famous formations taken from our usual haunts and hikes, we found a new-to-us route that included unusual yard art.

New Mexico Trip – 2015

Our annual summer trip included two stops in Santa Fe, NM. One of our favorite cities (and former home), we try to get back at least once a year.

Our first stop in June was a simple overnight. We stayed at a wonderful place we found thru airbnb and got to have a lovely dinner with friends at our favorite vegan Indian restaurant.

These photos are from return stop. We took the scenic route from Denver and were able drive down thru Taos, along the Rio Grande, and enter Santa Fe from the north. The next day we drove up into Santa Fe National Forrest to enjoy the cool-to-us weather before heading home to the desert heat of Phoenix.

Monument Rocks, KS – 2015

D’Marie’s family lives in Kansas, so we visit every year, usually by car. This year we spent two weeks in Topeka at the center of a round trip route of Phoenix-Santa Fe-Denver-Topeka-Denver-Santa Fe-Phoenix. The day before we left Topeka, D’Marie was looking for some sort of attraction to make the long drive across I-70 interesting.  They discovered Monument Rocks.

In all our visits to Kansas, the year we lived there together, and all the years D’Marie grew up there, we had never heard of these ancient formations in Western Kansas.  It is definitely worth detouring off the main highway and braving the dirt roads to observe these majestic rocks.

Johnna put together a video containing more of the photos we took. You can find it on our YouTube channel.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the art, including photographs, on this site or wish to contact us about holding a show, please use this form.

We are also interested in connecting with any artists, poets, etc., on upcoming travels.

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